What you'll learn

  • Case Interview Basics

    Best approaches to structure a case and answer off-the-cuff brainstorming questions

  • Game-changing Storytelling

    How to identify 2nd/3rd layer insights, elevate your game, sound professional, and keep a business conversation going even when you are not familiar with the topic of the case

  • Best-in-class Casing

    Schedule a 30-min assessment or 1-hr mock case interview to get direct and actionable feedback and learn where you are in comparison with your peers

Brand-new! Peter K Casebook 2023. McKinsey-hard cases

Check out a 1-min overview video!

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Is Management Consulting for You?

Learn about detailed pros and cons of a management consulting job and make your decision!

Interview Prep Plan

Want to get ready for your consulting interview? Check out this e-course to build your plan for this exciting journey! Learn about pitfalls, structure and prioritize your prep. Don't waste your time and stay efficient with the tips from the e-course!

Drill exercises to advance your case-interview skills

100% relevant (all exercises are from real cases in 2018-20), quick and efficient practice

Get a professional assessment

30 min, 10-page feedback report

You will receive a customized and detailed feedback report that will reveal your areas of strength and areas of focus for improvement. The report will also indicate your interview readiness degree based on a 100-point scale and your percentile.

Schedule a mock case interview

1 hour, direct and actionable feedback

Peter K is a professional coach. After 4 years of experience in management consulting at McKinsey and L.E.K., Peter now trains candidates to get ready for their consulting case interviews. To date, Peter has conducted 6,000 sessions and assessed 2,000 candidates.

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